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    Members: Find out who is funding what and where in our region. Thank you to the many members who have already signed on to the Get on the Map campaign!


  • Washington AIDS Partnership

    Learn about the work of the Washington AIDS Partnership, its AmeriCorps team (at right), and how you can join the fight against HIV/AIDS in our region. Visit the website.

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Latest News

February 11, 2016
Tamara Copeland asks, "How do you know if your work is making a difference?"
February 2, 2016
The Meyer Foundation's leadership reflects on john a. powell's presentation on structural racism.
January 21, 2016
In the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Tamara Copeland explains why WRAG is taking a leadership role in educating funders about racism.

Upcoming Events

Feb 2016

Decisions over the future of DC's TANF welfare-to-work program that will be made this year, including its time limit

Feb 2016

The second program in this series looks at white privilege.

Feb 2016

WRAG's 2016 public education speaker series kicks off with a look at how adverse childhood experiences impact young children.


Read Tamara Lucas Copeland's op-ed in the Chronicle of Philanthropy

As WRAG's Putting Racism on the Table series kicks off, Tamara writes: "It may seem to some that African-Americans have achieved Dr. King’s dream of being judged by the quality of our character, not by the color of our skin. Most black Americans know that is not the case. There is no postracial America. The question is: does philanthropy know?"

Philanthropic leaders are invited to a six-month series to explore structural racism, unconscious bias, and white privilege. The goal of the series is learning and a greater understanding of how racism contributes to disparate outcomes in our region, so that philanthropy can act to address one of America's most urgent scourges.