Fiscal Sponsorship Services

Are you interested in a fiscal sponsorship?

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What is fiscal sponsorship?

Fiscal sponsors are 501(c)(3) charitable organizations that offer charitable groups, projects, and donor collaborations a tax-exempt home. The sponsoring organization provides administrative services such as accounting, human resources, and grants management, thereby enabling the sponsored project to focus on mission-related activities such as programming and fundraising. The fiscal sponsor also bears legal responsibility for ensuring the funds are used for their intended purpose.

Fiscal sponsorship is a valuable, cost-effective service that enables charitable projects to quickly begin working towards their mission and efficiently manage back office operations. It may be a long-term relationship or a short-term relationship while the organization applies for their 501(c)(3) status.

Who should consider fiscal sponsorship?

Fiscal sponsorship is ideal for projects and organizations that:

  • Have initial working capital of at least $100,000.

  • Could use the back-office support of a well-run nonprofit.

  • Are looking for human resources, financial, or administrative help.

  • Need 501(c)(3) status.


Fiscal sponsorship is one of the many ways WRAG serves the local philanthropic community and directly furthers our mission of encouraging and supporting effective, efficient philanthropic investment. For more than 20 years, we have provided comprehensive fiscal sponsorship services to projects in the Greater Washington, DC region. We have the infrastructure and expertise to help you take your vision from idea to reality.

Efficient. We take care of all the administrative and back-office details, so you can focus on your mission.

Effective. With more than 20 years of fiscal sponsorship experience, we have the tools, expertise, and proven track record to help you succeed.

Informed. We know the rules and regulations that govern the work in the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors, so you don’t have to.

What services do we offer?

Our flexible, a la carte services are designed to support all types of projects. Below are just a few of our offerings. Please contact us for more details or to inquire about additional options.

  • Accounting & financial management

  • Grants management

  • Vendor & contracts management

  • Tax filings

  • For an additional fee:

  • Human resources, including payroll & benefits

  • Information technology, including email & cloud computing

For more information about our fiscal sponsorship services, including pricing and sample projects, click here.

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For more information about our fiscal sponsorship options or to receive a price quote for your specific project, please contact:

Leni Dworkis,


WRAG's Fiscally-Sponsored Projects

Break A Difference

Break A Difference’s (B•A•D) mission is to strategically engage individuals and institutions through service to make positive impacts in communities and in those who serve. As a nonprofit, we accomplish this by engaging corporations in large-scale service projects, preparing skilled leaders to serve on nonprofit boards, expanding the volunteer service capacity for nonprofits, and partnering with organizations to engage college students in week-long immersive service trips, otherwise known as Alternative Breaks.

We recognize service and volunteering as powerful tools to tackle such important matters as leadership development, team building, and employee engagement.






Capital Experience Lab 

The Capital Experience Lab empowers students to harness the resources of our world-class city in the service of their dreams, to navigate diverse environments, and to achieve postsecondary sucess. Drawing on over 59 years of DC-based classroom experience between us, we have developed an experiential learning model that supports student achievement, personal agency, and a sense of ownership, belonging, and home within our city. 

Capital Experience Lab wil launch it's first class Fall of 2022.



Karel Fellowship in Public Interest Communications

The Karel Fellowship honors and advances the legacy of Frank Karel, who established, led and nurtured the field of strategic communications in philanthropy during his 30 years as chief communications officer for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the and Rockefeller Foundation.

Among Karel’s strong beliefs was that the public would best be served if the next generation of advocates was reflective of America’s ever-growing diverse communities. Towards that end, each summer, the Fellowship matches first-generation and/or minority students with leading nonprofits in the D.C. area, where they work on social justice issues under the guidance of a communication mentor.


Haitian Ladies Network®

The Haitian Ladies Network® is the largest global platform connecting more than 75,000 women and girls of Haitian descent from across the U.S., Haiti, and the world. Based in Washington, DC, the Haitian Ladies Network® is a powerful professional and social network led by a seven-member steering committee.

Our mission is to create a space for professional networking and inter-generational engagement for Haitian Ladies and to facilitate meaningful collaboration with women in Haiti. Annually, we host the Haitian Ladies Weekend, a 3-day event which includes a symposium, brunch and cultural events.


National Family Support Network

Founded in 2011, the National Family Support Network (NFSN) is a membership-based organization comprised of statewide networks of two or more Family Support and Strengthening programs, such as Family Resource Centers, working together within a collective impact framework to ensure coordinated quality support for families. As the United States’ coordinating body for Family Strengthening & Support networks, the NFSN currently has 30 member networks, comprised of more than 3,000 Family Support and Strengthening organizations, representing the great geographical and demographic diversity of the nation.

The mission of the National Family Support Network is to promote positive outcomes for all children, families, and communities by leveraging the collective impact of state networks and championing quality family support and strengthening practices and policies.

The Restoring Ivy Collective serving the greater Washington DC Metro region and Maryland provides assistance to sex trafficking survivors, both minors and adults, specializing in serving pregnant and parenting survivors. Newly opened in 2022, the RIC aims to help survivors of sex trafficking to find community and social support, crisis intervention, service referral, and mental health group treatment.

Restoring Ivy Collective

The Restoring Ivy Collective serving the greater Washington DC Metro region and Maryland provides assistance to sex trafficking survivors, both minors and adults, specializing in serving pregnant and parenting survivors. Newly opened in 2022, the RIC aims to help survivors of sex trafficking to find community and social support, crisis intervention, service referral, and mental health group treatment.


Sports & Entertainment Impact Collective

The Sports & Entertainment Impact Collective (SEIC) is an unparalleled sports and entertainment philanthropy organization that combines academic training, professional development and custom events. Recognizing the synergy and collaboration across two cultural pillars, sports and entertainment, SEIC brings together a unique group motivated by the common interest of building a more sophisticated industry with greater community impact.

SEIC offers the gold standard in educational opportunities that result in success and growth for leaders from across the sports and entertainment industries. Our students, faculty and event participants represent diverse organizations with a variety of programs, outcomes and obstacles.  SEIC’s three areas of engagement remove the barriers that exist for leaders in social impact to take time and afford high quality, trusted training. SEIC’s goal is for leaders to return to their organizations after participating in one of our programs more motivated, more connected and ready to move the field forward.


TRAPP, works closely with court involved youth with the District of Columbia. We work hand to hand with government agencies' youth and family division’s, Such as The Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services, Department of Behavioral Health, and Child Family Services Agency. Focusing on repairing harm that may have happened at home or their communities. Targeting the young person who is court involved, their family, and their communities (neighborhood, schools, etc.)



Walker's Legacy Foundation 

Walker's Legacy Foundation is the nonprofit arm of Walker's Legacy, a digital media platform for multicultural women in business.  The Walker’s Legacy Foundation is inspired by the philanthropic legacy of Madam C. J. Walker and her cause of economic empowerment for women funded through the success of her entrepreneurial endeavors. Walker’s Legacy Foundation exists to improve the livelihood and economic quality and equality of low-income women and girls.  We do this by providing programming focused on improving financial literacy & financial empowerment skills for low income, high potential multicultural women and girls.  We equip women-led micro-enterprises through entrepreneurship training and business development programming.


Washington AIDS Partnership

The Washington AIDS Partnership brings together ideas, people, and resources to end the HIV epidemic in the Greater Washington region. As an initiative of the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers, the Partnership invests in local organizations, focusing programming and resources on the communities most affected by the epidemic. The Partnership also provides technical assistance to local nonprofits to increase capacity and expertise; initiates public policy initiatives to address systemic issues; convenes local government, providers, funders, and other stakeholders to implement innovative strategies to reduce HIV risk and improve the lives of people living with HIV; and each year, recruits and mentors a team of young people who provide direct volunteer service in the community.