2019 Public Education Learning Series Events

July 23, 2019: Supporting Our Region's Students on the Journey to & through College

September 13, 2019: Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Students in Trauma-Informed Schools

2018 Public Education Learning Series:

 May 2, 2018: Increasing Diversity in Our Region's Teacher Workforce

 September 13, 2018: Creating Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive K-12 Public Schools

 November 28, 2018: Strengthening Connections Between Schools, Families & the Community

The 2018 & 2019 Public Education Learning Series was sponsored by the TGR Foundation. 


What Funders Need to Know: The Connection Between Education and Housing 
Across the nation, and especially in our region, more and more children are experiencing housing instability and homelessness. What can philanthropy do to prevent a chain reaction that starts with unstable housing, leads to poor educational outcomes, and continues to create life-long barriers to opportunity? We have some suggestions.

What Funders Need to Know: How Do Good Teachers Become Great? 
Over the past decade, numerous studies have provided incontrovertible proof that the single most important factor affecting student achievement in a school building is the quality of the teacher standing in front of the classroom. The brief explores the elements of effective professional development that mold teachers into high-performers. Are your grants supporting organizations that embrace these techniques?

             Grantmakers for Education, the national affinity group of education funders