Reflections on the Past & Possibilities for the Future: 20th Anniversary Giving Report

Publication date: 
November, 2012

To celebrate WRAG's 20th anniversary, we decided to not just look back on our history, but to look forward to the future. In doing so, we hope that our new report - Reflections on the Past & Possibilities for the Future - will give you food for thought about WRAG's past and also about what philanthropy in our region will look like over the next 20 years.

In the "Reflections on the Past" section, former WRAG board chairs share their thoughts on WRAG's evolution over the last two decades.

In the "Possibilities for the Future" section, local academics share their vision for WRAG's future while philanthropic thought leaders consider the future of the field of philanthropy. Also, we look at hard numbers to see what philanthropy in the Greater Washington region looked like 20 years ago compared to today - and how our region compares to trends in the wider United States.

Featuring essays by: Alan Abramson, Pablo Eisenberg, Joel Fleishman, Robert Grimm, Gabriel Kasper, Kathy Kretman, Dan Pallotta, and Susan Raymond.

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