Our Region, Our Giving 2009

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June, 2009
This edition of Our Region, Our Giving is a departure from tradition. In the midst of the Great Recession, we felt it prudent to go straight to the source - our members - to find out how the economy is effecting philanthropy. 
  • The recession has served as a crucible for many grantmakers, providing an impetus to reduce expenses, reevaluate priorities, and promote and engage in collaboration. 
  • A lower percentage of grantmakers reported a decrease in assets in 2009 (65%) than in 2008 (86%). Some saw a decline in 2009 as a result of increasing their payout rates. 
  • Grantmakers expect to give fewer grants in 2010 than in 2009. 
  • More respondents expect their grants budgets to decrease than increase in 2010. Nearly half expect a decline; roughly one in six expect a decline of 5% or less. Nearly one-third expect grants budgets to increase. Approximately one-quarter are not sure. 
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