Impact in Action: A Study by the Taproot Foundation on the Work of the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers

Publication date: 
November, 2015

Through a grant from the Taproot Foundation, the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers undertook a comprehensive effort to:

  • Learn what WRAG’s impact is, and if and how the organization helps its membership be more effective and responsible in their philanthropy.
  • Determine how to most effectively measure impact and performance against WRAG’s strategic objectives and mission.

WRAG’s mission is to promote increased, effective, and responsible philanthropy with the goal of making the Greater Washington region a better place to live and work. The Taproot Foundation’s assessment found that WRAG is a force for philanthropy in the region. Across each of its focus areas, WRAG demonstrates its value as a convener, source of knowledge and information, voice of philanthropy, and promoter of collaboration and relationships.

This report is intended to accomplish two purposes:

  1. To report on Taproot’s findings on WRAG’s impact; and
  2. To advise WRAG on ways to effectively gather impact data in the future.

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