WRAG Job Board Policy

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

NEW WRAG Job Board Policy

WRAG’s Job Board Policy
The Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers believes that the status quo for philanthropy will not lead to a more just and equitable region. To maintain our strategic vision and commit to our mission of achieving a more equitable Greater Washington region, we seek to promote equitable hiring practices that will allow more people of color, people with recent lived experience, and LGBTQ folks to find positions at organizations that are committed to equity.
WRAG will review all position descriptions submitted to our jobs board. Position descriptions must include the following information to be promoted on the WRAG job board:

  • Location information
  • Remote, hybrid, or on-location
  • Includes salary information
  • Includes benefits information  

Why include salary information?
Many nonprofit leaders and organizations have written extensively about why including salary ranges and benefits information is critical to equity:

WRAG encourages all employers to be as transparent as possible in the hiring process and to share the organizations’ commitment to advancing racial equity and justice, job accommodations, and travel expectations.

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