WRAG Executive Search

Monday, August 24, 2020

Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers (WRAG) is launching a search for its next President and CEO. Founded in 1992, the WRAG is a nonprofit membership association comprised of over 100 of the most well-respected foundations and corporate giving programs in the Greater Washington, D.C. region. Dedicated to improving the health and vitality of the region and all who live here, the WRAG network provides a robust arena for grantmakers to network, learn, problem-solve, and develop collaborative solutions to achieve greater impact with limited philanthropic dollars. We do this through convenings, working groups and facilitated networking, to enable effective, strategic and responsible philanthropy.    

Over the past several years, the WRAG has led the way for the region’s philanthropic sector to deepen its understanding of and commitment to racial equity and has positioned itself as a local and national leader in educating philanthropic leaders and staff on the history of racism and its relevance to philanthropy today. In addition, WRAG has paved the way for philanthropy to come together around affordable housing, corporate social responsibility, impact investing, health and more.

The WRAG Board of Directors is searching for the person who will build on this foundation and momentum and propel the organization forward as a catalyst for racial equity both within the philanthropic sector and across sectors, as well as position the organization as the voice for the sector on key issues that affect its members and the region.

The board has designated a search committee, comprised of board members and other foundation executives, to lead the search and make a recommendation of a new CEO to its board of directors. The search committee wishes to retain a firm to partner with us in this search to identify a diverse and qualified slate of candidates and ultimately, our next leader. We are interested in exploring how a firm might challenge conventional executive search practices that may unintentionally create biases against Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC).  In addition, we are requesting proposals from national and local firms, with an emphasis on those led or governed by BIPOC and will select the firm that best meets our needs per the criteria below.

If you believe your organization could effectively provide this service, please complete the attached RFI and email it to gabrielle.furr@kp.org. If your organization meets our benchmark qualification, we will send the full RFP for your consideration.

Request for Information- WRAG Executive Search

Thank you for your interest in supporting WRAG in its executive search.  Please provide answers to the questions below and send your one-page document on your company letterhead.  If you meet our basic qualifications, you will be invited to submit a full proposal. 

  1. Organization Information:
    • Organization name
    • Year founded
    • Website
    • Number of 2020 placements
    • Point of contact - Name, title, and email
  1. Qualifications: We are looking for expertise in leadership placement and deep connections with diverse social impact sector leaders, along with an ability to provide end-to-end search services.
    • Do you have a 3+ year track record of executive leadership placements?
    • Do you have deep connections with diverse social impact sector leaders?  If yes, please provide a <100 word explanation of your response.
    • Can you provide end-to-end search services?  If yes, please provide a <200 word outline of services provided.
    • How many executive candidates have you placed in the last 12 months?
    • Please provide a list of the first three placements of 2019, dates placed, and whether the person is still in their role.
  2. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: A commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, as evidenced in staffing, organizational mission, values, and previous work, as well as strategy for recruitment of diverse candidates with strong racial equity track record is of paramount importance to WRAG.
    • What is the race and gender make-up of your leadership team?
    • What is the race and gender make-up of your last ten executive placements?

To be considered, please submit your answers to gabrielle.furr@kp.org by August 26.  A member of the search committee will respond within 48 hours with feedback on the RFI submission and whether your organization is requested to respond to the full RFP.