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Wednesday, December 22, 2021
Mobilizing Philanthropy in the Greater Washington region

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

We would like to wish all of the WRAG community happy and joyous holidays. WRAG's offices will be closed from Friday, December 24 until the end of the year. We will re-open on January 3.  Staff will take this end-of-year break to reflect + prepare for our new season ahead. Thank you for your engagement and work with WRAG in 2021, we're excited for 2022 as we continue to implement our new strategic vision as #WRAGturns30.
Let’s GO DMV! Guaranteed Income pilot project is the result of a partnership created to effectuate systems change to create a solidary, democratic, and reparative economy that pours into those who have been most oppressed. Learn more about the project by clicking the link below. 

To learn more about the project’s origins, goals, and ways to engage, check out the Let's GO DMV! Website below.  Help us reach our funding goal by the end of the year by donating to the Let’s GO DMV! fund at the Greater Washington Community Foundation through our online giving portal below.

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The Meyer Foundation's Interest Form for 2022 funding is now open!
"For 2022, the Meyer Foundation will review Interest Forms on a rolling basis , and award grants four times a year:  in March, June, September, and November." Learn more about the Meyer Foundation's grantmaking application process by clicking the link below. 
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WRAG Membership Renewal 

WRAG members will be receiving their end-of-year membership renewal letter and form in the coming weeks. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact 

WRAG Leadership Update, Programs

For the past year, we partnered with a local black women-owned racial equity organization blaKQuity to develop and support our programming while we focused on our new strategy. This partnership brought us in community with grassroots voices and changemakers and elevated the issues most impacting them. Looking to 2022, we hope to build off the racial equity and justice foundation laid this year as we continue on Our Reimagined Journey. We are grateful for our partnership with blakQuity and Jamila White and look forward to continue to work in solidarity. For all programming information please contact Chioma Iwuoha, the Director of Programs and Partnerships at
WRAG is hiring!
We're looking for an innovative HR consultant to help us streamline and upgrade our systems. Check out the RFP below and share! 
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NEW WRAG Job Board Policy

The Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers believes that the status quo for philanthropy will not lead to a more just and equitable region. To maintain our strategic vision and commit to our mission of achieving a more equitable Greater Washington region, we seek to promote equitable hiring practices that will allow more people of color, people with recent lived experience, and LGBTQ folks to find positions at organizations that are committed to equity.

WRAG will review all position descriptions submitted to our jobs board. Position descriptions must include the following information to be promoted on the WRAG job board:
  • Location information
    • Remote, hybrid, or on-location
  • Includes salary information
  • Includes benefits information  
Why include salary information?
Many nonprofit leaders and organizations have written extensively about why including salary ranges and benefits information is critical to equity:
WRAG encourages all employers to be as transparent as possible in the hiring process and to share the organizations’ commitment to advancing racial equity and justice, job accommodations, and travel expectations.
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Looking For Shared Office Space?

WRAG is currently seeking subtenants for our space at the Navy Yard! Do you know of a nonprofit or foundation looking for office space? If interested, contact

WRAG Member's Only Calendar

This WRAG member calendar acts as a resource for all WRAG members to submit and manage events throughout the year.  

Use of this calendar can ensure that events do not overlap between WRAG Members. 

To submit an event: make sure you're logged in, then click on the add event button. 

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WRAG Job Board
An employer looking to showcase your vision and culture? Jobseeker looking to apply your skills to make an impact in the Greater Washington region? Showcase your opportunities or discover what you are seeking on our job board!

WRAG will review all position descriptions submitted to our jobs board. Position descriptions must include the following information to be promoted on the WRAG job board:
  • Location information
    • Remote, hybrid, or on-location
  • Includes salary information
  • Includes benefits information  
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Interested in WRAG membership? Contact Todd Pittman, Director, Member Experience at, or schedule a time to connect here.
Working Group Recordings
Members of WRAG's working groups will receive the recording of their working group session after it has concluded. Working Group Recordings are available to members only. Interested in becoming a member? Interested in WRAG membership? Contact Todd Pittman, Director, Member Experience at, or schedule a time to connect HERE.
NYC Just Passed a Law Requiring Employers to Post Salary Ranges in Job Ads. There's Actually an Upside
From the Article |"Starting in April 2022, the New York City Council will require employers in the Big Apple to post salary ranges on job listings. Even if your state hasn't pushed a similar law yet, it could--and it might even be a good employee retention strategy. "
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We’re excited to welcome Lee Parker to J.P. Morgan Private Bank in Washington, D.C. as an Executive Director and Banker

From the post |" Over a two-decade career, Lee has proved her merit at every juncture, and has built capabilities in collaborative leadership, risk/benefit analysis, and program development and management."
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More D.C. Schools Are Going Virtual Amid COVID Surge

From the post |" At least 25 D.C. public schools have transitioned to virtual learning through the end of the year, amid the recent COVID-19 surge in the region.."
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Northern Virginia's Afghan Resettlement Effort Continues
From the article |" LIRS and other nonprofits are helping with everything from providing cell phones to housing to diapers. They're also trying to make sure refugees who worked in professional fields including as doctors and professors are able to find fulfilling work in their areas of expertise."
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Guaranteed Income Program Backed by Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Begins in Tacoma; Families Get $500/month
From the article |"The program launched by the Mayors for a Guaranteed Income is backed by $18 million in donations from Jack Dorsey, co-founder and former CEO of Twitter. The effort is being done in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Guaranteed Income Research, which is studying the impacts of providing regular income to families. Numerous income pilot projects are underway around the country."
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Nonprofit VOTE: "Our Top 10 Facts to Inspire Your 2022 Work"
Learn more about Nonprofit VOTE and gather some facts and information to get more engaged with civic action. 
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The de Beaumont Foundation 
The de Beaumont Foundation has joined the Bipartisan Policy Center and eight leading public health organizations to release a five-year roadmap for public health
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Exponent Philanthropy: Journeys to Equity: Becoming a Better Ally Series
This four-month, 6-part series will take place from January-April 2022. Whitney Parnell, executive director and co-founder of Service Never Sleeps (SNS), will facilitate this powerful program, offer guidance to participants throughout the series, and create an environment where connections can be made with each other.
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