Director of the Fund for Black-Led Change

Director of the Fund for Black-Led Change
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Meyer Foundation
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To apply, after reading the information below, please submit an application here:


Director for the Fund for Black-Led Change

The Meyer Foundation is working toward a vision of a just, connected, and inclusive Greater Washington community in which systemic racism and its consequences no longer exist. In November of 2020, Meyer Foundation announced a significant and timely initiative, the Fund for Black-Led Change (, a $20 million commitment of core support to Black-led organizations in the Greater Washington region that are building power, advancing permanently organized communities, and transforming systems toward liberty, justice, and the pursuit of happiness for all.

We are seeking to expand our team by hiring a Director for the Fund for Black-Led Change. Working with the Vice President for Strategy & Equity and Vice President for Community Partnerships & Learning, this 5-year position will develop the Foundation’s strategy to deploy the Fund for Black-Led Change and manage its execution. The Director will be responsible for the visioning, development, and implementation of programming, capacity building opportunities, convenings, and grantmaking designed to support the infrastructure of Black-led movements building power and changing systems to advance racial justice in the greater Washington, DC region.

The Director will be someone who has a clear relationship with Black-led movements in the Greater Washington, DC region; has experience with grantmakers and/or grantmaking; and is deeply committed to centering Black communities in the pursuit of social change; and brings a familiarity of the broad landscape of movements for equity and justice.

Cultivating a staff team that embodies the diverse experiences of the greater Washington region is essential to our mission and values. We strongly and sincerely encourage applications from people of color/of the global majority, immigrant, bilingual, and bicultural individuals; people with disabilities; members of LGBTQIA+ and gender non-conforming communities; and people with other diverse backgrounds and lived experiences.


Salary: $100,000


How to Apply

To apply for the Director of the Fund for Black Led Change, after reading the information below, please submit an application here:


To be able to apply, you will need to upload your resume; please do not include a cover letter.

The application requests brief responses to the following three questions:

1. What drew your interest to this position?

2. How would you describe your relationship with the movement for racial justice in the greater Washington region and more broadly?

3. How do you believe philanthropy can best support movements for racial justice?



Program Vision and Leadership

  • Collaborate with the Vice President for Strategy & Equity and Vice President for Community Partnerships & Learning on the development and execution of strategies to support Black-led, Black-centered, power-building organizations in the greater Washington region.
  • Oversee the Fund for Black-Led Change grantmaking and program portfolios supporting the strategies of movement building, systems change, narrative change, coalition building, and capacity building.
  • Oversee the design and implementation of technical assistance, leadership development, convening, and advocacy efforts in partnership with grantees and allied funders.
  • Provide thought leadership and perspectives based on lived experiences with movements for racial justice to the improve the work of the Foundation
  • Participate in and works to strengthen and expand networks, collaborative approaches, and collective impact efforts that advance shared community goals.
  • Effectively communicate and coordinate with all Community Partnerships & Strategy staff and colleagues in strategic communications, finance, operations, and grants management.
  • Actively participates in the Community Partnerships and Strategy team, sharing learnings from the Fund for Black-led Change to inform and help strengthen Meyer’s ongoing grantmaking and programmatic work.
  • Manage process to seek, determine fit, and hire consultants and contractors to advance the goals of the Fund for Black-Led Change and manage contracts and relationships thereafter.
  • Manage the Fund’s grantmaking and programmatic budgets.


  • Review and assesses funding requests (including budgets and financial statements) from current and prospective grantee partners.
  • Meet with current and prospective grantee partners to build relationships based on mutuality, respect, and common vision and goals for the future of the greater Washington region.
  • Provide guidance to applicants and grantees to help them strengthen their organizations and programs.
  • Receive, process, and apply feedback from grantee partners to improve the Foundation’s processes and relationships in the community.
  • Utilizes the Foundation’s grants management system to process, document, track, and make projections about grantmaking activities and relationships
  • Liaises with the Executive Office on the preparation of the Board materials.

External Relationships

  • Represent the Foundation to a broad range of decision-makers and partners including grantees, community leaders, business leaders, government officials, affinity groups, and other collaborators in the region and across the country.
  • Provide staffing support and leadership to Resourcing Radical Justice, a regional funder’s collective focused on supporting Black-led organizations.
  • Educate the greater Washington community about the Foundation’s mission, values, programs, and goals, and build support for the Foundation’s advocacy and policy priorities.
  • Prepare strategy memos, briefs, reports, and presentations in a variety of formats to engage a broad range of constituents (e.g., board members, community leaders, grantees, allied funders).
  • Contribute to the Foundation’s communications and social media.


Preferred Experiences & Qualifications

  • At least five years of leadership experience in the nonprofit sector, community-based organizations, philanthropic sector and/or other similar sector.
  • Demonstrated commitment to and relationship with community organizing and/or advocacy efforts in the greater Washington region.
  • Knowledge of the needs of communities across the region who are most impacted by structural inequities, and the ability to build trusting relationships with those communities and follow their lead in strategy development.
  • Deep and demonstrated commitment to equity and social justice, and strong alignment with Meyer Foundation’s organizational values.
  • Familiarity with the geographic, cultural, and racial diversity across the greater Washington region
  • Ability to authentically connect one’s own personal lived and professional experiences with the Foundation’s mission and vision.
  • Reputation among peers as a sought advisor on topics of direct relevance to this role and the Foundation’s various strategies.
  • Experience with various equity, justice, and power-building strategies, including a demonstrated ability to connect with these issues on a personal and organizational level.


Personal Characteristics and Values:

  • Committed to the Foundation’s mission and racial equity stance;
  • Active and supportive participant in building and maintaining a collaborative and inclusive workplace culture;
  • Proven ability to listen, discern challenges, and identify solutions;
  • Partnership approach and ability to effectively work with different workstyles;
  • An analytical thinker who can apply strategy using a thoughtful and inclusive approach;
  • Open-minded and committed to honest and candid conversations and self-reflection about race, racial justice, and equity;
  • Able to act with discretion and respect information shared by our partners in confidence; and
  • Drives their own personal development, committing to new challenges which build capacity for the organization; and
  • Enthusiasm for organizational change and patience during any change processes as part of the Foundation’s commitment to ongoing learning and adaptation.


Maintains Commitment to Values and Meyer Foundation’s Community Agreements:

  • Apply a racial justice lens: Raise issues of racial equity. Constantly seek to understand disparities and learn why they exist. Examine issues and create solutions through a systems framework.
  • Assume positive intent: Proceed with trust and seek to understand one another. Challenge perspectives, not each other.
  • Call people in: Avoid calling out - instead, call in. When we call in, we respect where people are and invite them to continue learning.
  • Create space for multiple truths and perspectives: Be diligent and patient with self and others. Be willing to step up and step back. Recognize and explore triggers.
  • Disagreement can be generative: Understand we will not always agree and that it's okay. Healthy discussion can generate new ideas when we're willing to engage and hear differing perspectives.
  • Honor different styles of communicating, learning, and processing: Understand that these happen in different ways for different people. Seek understanding if someone's style differs from yours.
  • Name and check assumptions: Use "I" statements and allow "we" to speak. Respectfully call in your peers when an assumption has been shared.
  • Recognize power dynamics: Be aware of the existence of power dynamics and how they can be used both positively and negatively, formally and informally. Acknowledge your own privilege and how you use it.
  • Seek to expand your growth edge: Look for new opportunities to learn. Be open to perspectives that challenge your own.
  • Surface Elephants & Patterns: Support each other in raising uncomfortable conversations. Hold each other in kindness and rigor, while seeking ways to move forward.
  • Thoughtful risk-taking: Call on deep courage and be willing to take calculated risks without fear of failure or being wrong.


About Meyer Foundation

The Meyer Foundation pursues and invests in solutions that build an equitable Greater Washington community in which economically disadvantaged people thrive. We envision a just, connected, and inclusive Greater Washington community in which systemic racism and its consequences no longer exist.


Meyer Foundation Values

Racial Justice & Shared Humanity

We believe racial equity is a moral and justice imperative that benefits all humanity. We are committed to advancing racial equity in all our spheres of influence in the interest of building a just, connected, inclusive future in which everyone thrives.


We recognize solutions to racial injustice are built through the collective efforts of diverse people, perspectives and sectors; and by shifting power and voice to our community members who have been most directly affected by racial injustice.

Regional Responsibility

We use our resources and relationships to create opportunities, build capacity, and contribute to the strength, resiliency, and equity of the Greater Washington region.


We manage the long-term financial well-being of the foundation consistent with our beliefs, mission, and vision while acting boldly to achieve racial equity.



COVID-19 considerations:

The Meyer Foundation is operating 100% remotely throughout the COVID-19 crisis.