Webinar: Using WRAG's Foundation Map to Work Smarter with Grants Data

Wednesday, March 23, 2016
11:00am to 12:00pm EDT
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Eligibility: All WRAG Members are encouraged to participate in this webinar, even if you are not currently participating in the Get on the Map initiative. Register through the link at right.

Participate in this interactive webinar to learn about WRAG's Foundation Map, the powerful new data mapping tool available exclusively to WRAG members through the Get on the Map initiative with Foundation Center. Foundation Center's Davis Parchment will walk you through how to leverage the data in the map to find natural collaborators, scan your funding landscape, and identify funding gaps. Even if you are not currently participating in the Get on the Map campaign, join us to become familiar with the tool and develop strategies for incorporating grants data into your work.

Examples of the kinds of questions WRAG's Foundation Map can answer:

  • What organizations are working within the “farm-to-table” space? 
  • Who is engaging in advocacy work around policies impacting boys and men of color? 
  • What other funders are focusing on early childhood education? Where might there be a gap in funding early childhood? 
  • What are the major organizations serving older adults in our region? Who is funding them? Who is providing advocacy support? 
  • What local organizations are providing out-of-school arts education programs for low-income students?
  • What capital campaigns are underway and who is supporting them?

Click the image below to explore WRAG's Foundation Map (note: you must be logged in to this website to access the map)

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