Reimagining the Criminal Legal System Series: Funders Briefing on Jails & Justice Task Force Report

Tuesday, March 30, 2021
11:00am to 12:00pm EDT
Zoom call.
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The District Task Force on Jails & Justice, an independent advisory body founded in 2019, published its Phase II report, Jails & Justice: Our Transformation Starts Today.  The Task Force is dedicated to redefining DC’s approach to incarceration by building city-wide engagement, centering the voices of those with lived experiences, understanding community priorities, and exploring the use and design of secure detention and community-based solutions.  Over two years, the Task Force engaged 2,500 D.C. residents, including people who are currently incarcerated, and studied D.C.’s own data and other jurisdictions’ reform efforts to redefine the District’s approach to incarceration.  Based on this information, the Task Force developed 80 recommendations that constitute a detailed ten-year Implementation Plan for overhauling the District’s jails and justice system in three stages, including many changes that can and should be made immediately.  While the Task Force’s work will affect the entire community, D.C.’s Black residents are overrepresented at each stage of our criminal justice system.  The Task Force explicitly targeted its recommendations to help end the over-criminalization of Black people in the District. 

Join us for an overview of the Task Force’s process, findings, and recommendations, and for a discussion about how philanthropy can get involved in moving the recommendations forward.


  • Emily Tatro, Deputy Director, the Council for Court Excellence
  • Patrice Sulton, Executive Director, DC Justice Lab
  • Tyrone Hall, Returning Citizen Advocate

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