Funders' Roundtable of Montgomery County: Reimagining What It Means to Age & Thrive in Our Home Communities

Thursday, October 18, 2018
12:00pm to 2:00pm EDT
Bethesda, MD
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Across the country, people are harnessing technology, volunteerism, and innovative collaborations to help their neighbors thrive. The movement to create these grassroots “villages” was initially founded by people seeking support to age in place. With hundreds of new villages popping up in recent years, more people are realizing the additional benefits, such as: 

•    Creative collaborations between villages, nonprofits, volunteers, and businesses have been shown to provide tremendous cost savings both to individuals and their communities.
•    Villages are key to combating social isolation which studies show has a significant impact on health and longevity. 
•    Villages enable members to both address their own needs while also contributing to the social and civic life of our community, investing their knowledge and talent in countless ways that benefit all of us.

Join us on October 18 to explore the village movement nationally and here in our own community. Together, we’ll explore the role philanthropy can play to help maximize these grassroots initiatives and create thriving communities for all generations.

•    Jean Accius, PhD – Vice President, Independent Living/Long-Term Services and Supports, AARP Public Policy Institute
•    Pazit Aviv – Village Coordinator, Montgomery County, MD
•    Tony Sarmiento – Founding Board President Emeritus, Silver Spring Village
Space is limited. To reserve your spot for the Funders’ Roundtable, please contact Kevin Donnelly at or 301-495-3036 x 162.  

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