EPIP Philanthropology™ for Washington DC

Thursday, October 21, 2021
1:00pm to 4:00pm EDT
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WRAG has partnered with EPIP to offer their Philanthropology™, grounding in philanthropy with a social justice lens, program to DC! To use philanthropy to effect change, it is crucial that new practitioners in the sector understand its context, history, and challenges. Philanthropology™ responds to this need with a curriculum that includes both academic and practitioner perspectives in an in-depth critical study of philanthropy and social justice created for and informed by the next generation of inclusive grantmakers.   

The Philanthropology™ curriculum will include 9 hours of synchronous virtual content and supplemental activities that cover the landscape and history of the sector, intersectionality, movement building, grantmaking with an equity lens, and strategies for putting this knowledge into practice as the field continues to evolve.  The curriculum also offers 3 hours of asynchronous activities and ample readings to further your knowledge. The course runs once a week, every other week, for three sessions (spanning 6 weeks total), leaving plenty of time for the asynchronous work and to test out new ideas.  The price is $300. Please sign up here, https://www.epip.org/philanthropology_fall_2021

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