Corporate philanthropy refers to the investments and activities a company voluntarily undertakes to responsibly manage and account for its impact on society. It includes cash contributions, donations of products and services, volunteerism, and other business transactions to advance a cause, issue, or the work of a nonprofit organization. Corporate foundations and corporate giving programs traditionally play a major role in these areas.” Source: Council on Foundations

Corporate Philanthropy Affinity Group

WRAG’s Corporate Philanthropy Affinity Group is the central resource for corporate community investing in the Greater Washington region. Comprised of the leaders of nearly 30 of the region’s largest and most respected corporate foundations and giving programs, this group helps the business community make the most of every charitable investment by providing:

  • purposeful networking
  • information on community needs and facilitated discussions with community leaders
  • professional development, best practice sharing, and sample resources
  • a collective voice for corporate philanthropy in the Greater Washington region

2018 Events

  • April 18 – Innovative CSR Investments - How companies are leveraging unique company resources for social impact
  • June 14 – CSR & Big Data - How leading companies are leveraging their data & information for social good
  • August 1 – BOLD Leadership - How companies are taking a stand on hot-button issues and providing leadership in today’s tumultuous environment
  • December 4 – 11th Annual Corporate Philanthropy Holiday Luncheon

Corporate Philanthropy Brain Trust

The Corporate Philanthropy Brain Trust helps guide staff in designing timely and relevant programming for WRAG’s corporate members. The 2018 Brain Trust members include:

Anna Bard, Wells Fargo
Lindsey Buss, World Bank
Tracye Funn, Washington Gas
Tamara Gifford, Bank of America
Graham McLaughlin, Optum
Leanne Posko, Capital One
Allison Solomon, Deloitte LLP

If you are a corporate foundation or corporate giving program staff member and would like to join this group, please contact Katy Moore at